About us

Rita and Lígia have a background in Biology. They share the passion for tech-transfer and science communication & the vision that both should be used on every science-to-market approach.


  • Business experienceLígia has won two entrepreneurship competitions and Rita has dealt with pharmaceutical affairs (US regulations).

  • Innovation know-how. They were granted an award to learn about innovation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology;

  • Intellectual property. They hold a general IP course, which includes knowledge about IP Rights Protection;

  • Scientific value. They are PhD candidates at the MIT-Portugal program. Rita works in Precision Medicine and Lígia in Space Biology.

  • Leadership and project management. They are Agile leaders! Rita also has a project management course under her belt.


  • Science communication + tech transfer. We believe that everything is connected. In the business world, all information is treated the same: as confidential. On the other hand, in the academic sector, a lot of scientists dread the day they have to speak about their work. This creates a lot of missed opportunities which we are more than happy to show you! For that, we have built a community of important stakeholders for all sectors which were pleased to share with us some of their views on science and business. 

  • Teamwork. We are firm believers that complementary skills it's what gets the job done! When one is big picture-centered, the other is detail-focused. We base our work on mutual intellectual and personal respect. As a team, we are synergetic and will get to the solutions you need. 

  • We never leave science behind. Science should always be treated with "win-win" approaches for long-term success. What is good for the scientific community should also be good for you. And we firmly believe that with that we are always helping you get to your objective.