Career path of...David Cristina!

David Cristina appreciates humor and a good investment!
We want to briefly present to you the career path of David Cristina. He works as an investment consultant at Fosun and has a background in Biology.

Is hard to define him professionally: Scientist? Entrepreneur? Tech transfer officer? Visionary? Innovative? Investor? Business...person? Well, we tried every word and it didn't feel here it is his career path in a more graphical way!

In his own words, here it's a short description of what he really does:

David Cristina.
I am a professional in investment at Fosun, which is a Chinese company and my aim is to search for new investment opportunities in the healthcare field, more precisely in Europe.
These investment’ opportunities should be aligned with the interests of Fosun, so it can vary from acquiring other companies to obtaining a majority or minority participation.
To do that I have to convince people that Fosun will be a great value to their companies and this is often difficult because people are not so willing to share a participation in their companies. Also, I have to convince my investment committee that certain company is a good deal to invest.
The most important things that I have are the knowledge that I already have because of my PhD and I’m still acquiring, my critical thinking and my ability to analyze and to work a lot.
So, overall my work is to convince people but in a good way. People tend to think that business is a win-lose game, but I don’t believe in that, I think that we have to establish a deal where everyone gets pleased. 

So let's try again: David Cristina is...arrrg! Well, he has done pretty much everything in science and he is a great example of what we can achieve if we think outside the box! So we guess we can say he is a very complete professional! 

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