Have you met... Laureen Meroueh?

Laureen is a PhD candidate but she is already mentoring and inspiring young scientists!

Laureen Meroueh is a PhD candidate in the mechanical engineering department at MIT. A graduate of the University of Florida earning a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, her passion is working on sustainable energy solutions for the grid.

Laureen at MIT (Boston, USA).

How did you get here? What made you feel that science was your call?
When I was a child I wanted to be a lawyer or a veterinary, but I later realized that I love math and physics. I find them to be really interesting subjects, and there is so much to do in those areas! So, I just worked passionately and diligently throughout my college career and ended up where I am today.

What are the best qualities you search in peers?
Through experience, I have found that the best quality in peers is open communication; To listen to each other and never put other’s ideas down. Peers should work together and not against each other.

What qualities will you seek in a supervisor after your PhD?
Now, I prioritize good ethics in choosing a supervisor/mentor. After that, I would like to have a female supervisor. I think that females mentoring females is really powerful. Mentoring the next generation of scientists myself is also important. There are great summer programs here at MIT like “Women’s Technology Program” for which I have had the opportunity to mentor a group of brilliant girls in a science project.

What qualities you seek in the people you mentor?
Eagerness to learn, hardworking and passionate. The classics (laughs).

In a very bad day in the lab, what is your get out strategy?
I call one of my family members to vent a bit. Then, I exercise since it is really good for your mental health. But not inside the lab (laughs).

In your opinion, what will be the major breakthrough in science or tech in the next 20 years?
That’s tough, as I expect there will be breakthroughs in most sectors of science. Across all disciplines though, I consider equal participation from men and women in science to be a major breakthrough. Having all the brilliant minds working on the toughest problems of today will allow us to progress much more quickly.

Laureen is our first junior scientist on Oh My Science! but she is amazing, right?! Such a background! Did you enjoy it? 😄 

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